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Love Without Contingencies

My twin flame journey began about four years ago upon meeting my twin, obviously. If you are one of my blog followers who hasn’t heard about the twin flame prophecies etc, I doubt you will have any interest or the foggiest idea of what I am talking about. I know I had no idea about all of this six or seven months ago, either. I couldn’t possibly tell you how strange this whole experience has been for me. I literally felt at times as though I was totally completely and utterly insane. However, right now, it feels like it has all been a blessed gift from the divine.

The pain of constantly failing at navigating through the most intense love experiences brought me to some pretty dark moments at times. However, like we all know, those are the things that spurs the most intense spiritual growth. In other words, it sent me running to God. And it was literally and still is the genesis or the propulsion behind this rather productive writing period in my life right now. If you have read anything about twin flames on the internet or heard the buzz about it in the spiritual world you will know that that is exactly what the twin flame experience is supposed to stir up in a person. It is the hammer that cracks you open so you may be cleared for your kundalini awakening.

You see in order for me to be able to be of service in the way that it was intended for me to be of service, I needed to be cleared of all my scars and fear triggers around love. When we are cleared of our fears in relation to love, we become capable of  loving unconditionally or without restrictions.

After years of repeated rejection from your twin your ego and pride are pretty much smeared to the ground. The best thing about that, you learn that you live and it doesn’t really matter and everything is still okak.  I am not saying I am egoless and completely pride free, I just know from experience now that loosing those things are not so important. It is actually the best thing for you. When you are no longer afraid of rejection, you realize rejection just makes you stronger. You just grit your teeth, ride through a little pain and then on through to the other side to a new deeper sense of self love and source connection. It makes you more of who you are. And nothing can be better then that.

Your rejection experiences with your twin also helps clear your heart of all the old energetic pain blocks around love allowing your heart chakra to fully open up. When your heart chakra is cleared and fully open, the universe is now free to send its’ life force through all your chakras and awaken you to the fullness of your power. In other words you get the blessing of a Kundalini awakening and you become free to love fearlessly.

Have a fab day all you twins out there… keep on keeping on.