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To the importance of giving card reads

Most people want to live secure, comfortable easy lives making a good income enjoying what they do and have fun on the weekends. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, often the cards seem to reveal to most, that there is more to their existence then that. The message is so repetitive from the divine section of my reads that I am writing this blog about it. Here it is. Literally…..don’t worry about money, motivate from your heart, do what you yearn to do, kill all fears, have no shame, spirit is real, have fun and relax because that is where your abundance is. Be brave, take that leap of faith because actually your life will never feel secure until you face that fear because it is an illusion that your security was based on all those secure choices, anyway. Your abundance has always been a result of your level of faith.

The more faith based our intentions are and the more risks we are willing to take on behalf of the greater whole the greater our rewards will be. One of them being the more alive we will feel. The happier we are the higher our vibrations are and the higher our vibrations are the more abundance we will attract for ourselves. End of story. The card reads repeatedly tell most, myself included, that spirit wants us to know that we do have a higher calling that will make us very happy and abundant. The only problem is our fears stop us and we make other choices motivated by security. Spirits wants us to know that it always provides and we will not be totally happy until we live our hearts desire.

We don’t have to quit our jobs and crash our lives into pieces, in fact, that is what eventually can happen if you don’t head your true inner calling. Eventually, your heart comes crashing through in the form of chaos. Card reads help people connect their heads with their hearts or inner knowing so the heart does not have to cause chaos to be heard.

But wait, isn’t a secure, comfortable easy life making a good income enjoying what I do and having fun on the weekends what the balanced life looks like? Yes, actually, but a balanced life has a guided intention behind it as well. In other words, a balanced life means the female energy of caring for the greater whole is awake and activated with in faith energy. She knows that that is how to attract abundance. That each one of us is here to invigorate abundance in a specific way that each one of us has been specifically designed to. In other words, the balanced in faith person knows their existence here has a greater purpose.

The cards consistently tell me that we are meant to feel important about our existence here. I give reads to people who have it all, all the benefits etc but feel as though their lives aren’t really as abundant as they thought it would all bring. I have yet to have one person disagree with the message of seek find and execute your higher calling to feel more fulfilled and happy. The cards want you to have faith so you can take those risks because spirit knows you will be taken care of and that you will experience your true joy of living.

I give reads to help shift people into more in faith energies around certain areas of their lives. I know I am servicing the greater whole because it is a deeply fulfilling experience for myself. Sometimes I am stopped by upset or frantic young men in coffee shops asking for reads. I watch them instantly relax when I tell them the cards are saying that they are right on track. You aren’t supposed to be the king of the hill yet, your abundance is coming. I  get to watch people shift into more positive in faith energies. The cards know how to grab your attention because the first four cards describe the experience that you are going through pretty much spot on. It is pretty easy to believe what the cards have to say after that. Above all you know what the cards are saying is true because the message resonates with your deeper knowing.

I gave one depressed young man a read that told him it was a lie that he didn’t have anything to offer the world. The next time I saw him he was walking tall with confidence and had assumed a whole new identity about himself. I offered one young man a read who looked like he was on the verge of tears all the time. He really needed to talk to someone. Turns out his intuition about a certain young woman he loved and wanted to marry was the one but he just didn’t believe he was abundant enough for her. The cards explained that he was plenty abundant enough for love and that his abundance is waiting for him to have more faith in himself. Next I saw him he was happily singing to himself. He was a whole new person. So, I’m telling you, card readers are needed. There seems to be a need for spiritual guidance, emotional soothing and hope. Happy to be of service.

Hope you all have a fab day… <3