grey scale of soul levels

Soul Levels

Source is an expansive creative energy that needs constant refortification or recharging of its own energy to sustain its existence. All life on earth is Source fused with the physical. Our souls are the part of us that is Source. Our souls first come here as newly released, darker, weaker or lower frequency fragments of Source energy for refortification. It takes many lives to achieve purification or complete refortification but as soon as we do, we return to Source as fully re-charged fragments of pure Source energy. This re-charges Source Power enabling it to continue to create life.

We live multiple lives in order to charge up our soul’s energetic frequency. Each life we live is a step towards our purity. We achieve this by mastering the challenges of living in the physical. With each hardship or struggle we rise above and master, the more increased Source Power we accumulate. We have mastered all the challenges of living in the physical when nothing about being alive pulls us into the dark or away from our faith in Source.

Source releases its darker heaviest fragments of itself, or the part of itself that is farthest away from the refortified section. It then drops down and fuses with the physical which creates life. However this new soul or life is a living being that resonates at a very low dense frequency. Younger, new souls are very dark and have very weak Source power within them. The more lives you live, the higher level of light or Source power you accumulate in your soul. Everyone is at a different stage or level in this progression. This is why we have a Hitler and a Mother Theresa in the world at the same time. They are both fragments of Source energies resonating at different frequencies at different stages of the refortification process.

We use numbers one through ten to identify the levels or stages of the progression of the soul. One is the beginning, the darkest to ten, the purest with the refortification process complete. At each level, the soul displays certain characteristics and tendencies towards a major core life yearning. The soul must go through specific experiences at each stage of the purification process for the soul to purify. The soul knows what it must master in each life and it displays it’s self as a yearning for certain core life experiences. The reason it shows up as a yearning is because we are not following our true path. Too many of us go against our inner calling because of what we think we should be doing. We take on external cultural pressures or feel we must take the path of our parents. We are often afraid as we feel conflicted and lost when we do not listen to our souls. When we live according to external pressures we are literally blocking the expansion of the universe.

Once we identify our soul level we gain a perspective and clarity about the whole picture of our life. When we identify our core life yearning we develop a much deeper and more intimate understanding of who we are and what we, often subconsciously, are repeatedly reaching for. This clarity validates us and gives us full permission to fully live the way our soul, or Source needs us to. When we live in the truth of our soul level we fulfill the purpose of our creation and live in the best interest of the universe. When we live in the best interest of the universe we will always have universal support as we are now doing the job Source has created us to do.

The Ten Soul Levels

Not all musicians and artist are level fours and not all people in uniform or powerful positions are level threes. This is just the main yearning of the individuals at different levels of the purification process.

1. Bewildered, homeless, unskilled unemployable, defenseless,  newly fused with the physical. Yearns to feel some connection and to learn basic survival skills.

2. Repeat violent criminals, angry, entitled, vengeful from all the abuse and hardship the soul suffered as a level one soul. This soul yearns to experience power over others and to eliminate physical hardships at all costs.

3. Materialistic, career centric. Yearns for feelings of power through positions of power and financial stability.

4. The dark performers, actors, musicians, singers, dancers or poets. The higher level four they are the more talented and famous they become. They yearn for the Source bliss they experience while preforming.

5. Transition level from predominately in the dark to predominately in the light. They yearn for true spiritual connection and soul transformation.

6. Celebration celebrities. The soul bursts out of the dark, they serve the masses, millionaires, live life as large as possible. They yearn to experience the fullest potential of their soul.

7. The respite life. Low key, slower paced. They yearn for a rich personal life and avoid the mainstream.

8. The balanced life. They seek to put in minimum to create the maximum results. They yearn for a steady balanced flow to life.

9. Test life. The soul almost pure has to clear away the last little bit of darkness it contains. This level yearns to enjoy life as much as possible.

10. Confirmation life. The soul must confirm total purity before joining Source. This level yearns to communicate the will of Source and the they way Source wants us to live.