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How can we activate in positive female power?

Ancient and pre-literate societies leaned heavily on female energy to cultivate abundance in their lives. They had rituals and created arts or crafts which were mostly busy with highly ornate decorations. This busy energy, creates an energy that resonates at the frequency of abundance. We must create an energy that resonates at the frequency of abundance first in order for abundance to flow to us. It is the female energy that raises the vibrations that enables the energies to match the energies of abundance. Without activating in female power we cannot call abundance to ourselves because our energies will not match that of the energy of abundance thus blocking it. Ancient cultures knew this and confidently utilized female powers to manifest more of what they needed. Today when we observe a need for more, we turn to a fear base male over drive energy which drops the frequency of our vibrations and drops the level of abundance in our lives.

How do we activate in positive female power today? By doing anything good for us, light hearted and fun. We need to nurture our selves and our environment more. Spending time decorating our home, organizing festivities celebrating anything, singing and dancing are all positive female energy. Observe something abundant like the leaves on a tree and celebrate it by taking pictures or collecting the fallen ones. Celebrate abundance of feathers by gathering them on a walk. Observing abundance causes us to resonate at an abundant energy. Also by loosing ourselves in fluid thoughts, waisting time or doing something meaningless like following the ants is another form of female energy we need to practice. Waisting time allows us to connect with Source which develops a better trust that we are always being provided for. Relaxing and connecting to Source prevents us from activating in fear energy which blocks abundance from coming to us. Literally any thing that is not destructive that we mostly deem today to be a waist of time is literally what we all need to be doing more. We need to raise our vibrations through rituals, prayers, celebration and festivities. We need to create beautiful things to look at that resonate at high abundant frequencies. Creating a frenzy of high frequency resonating arts and crafts is actually the better way to increase our abundance then going out and pounding the pavement for a job.

Female Power

1. First the female develops a relationship with Source, God or whomever she sees as the force behind our existence.

2. She establishes this relationship by developing communication with Source through a variety of forms, such as prayer, meditation, chanting, rituals or journaling.

3. When she has found her language she is now ready to co-create abundance with her male.

4. This is a daily practice that keeps her in conscious contact with Source with whom she now makes her primary relationship.

5. She has an absolute knowing faith in the power of Source’s ability to always provide.

6. The female observes through her powers of local observation what is needed and puts in a call to Source for abundance of clarity or opportunities for this to come to her through her male.

7. Once she has activated a request to Source she dances, celebrates, decorates or somehow creates in herself and her environment the frenzy of abundant energy and of celebration.

8. When she does this she raises her frequency and of her environments to resonate with the frequency of abundance, thus pulling it in.

9. Now she relaxes and has complete faith in her male’s abilities to bring to her the abundance she has requested.

This is the female power that must accompany a male power counter part within each one of us in order for abundance to happen.

It is not necessary to always stay 100% perfect in female power. These are just the highest ideals to reach for. It is the request of the spirits that we know that the above dance is the highest form of female energy that will attract the highest amount of abundance. The better you can balance these energies the higher levels of abundance you will attract. It is important to know that this is how we need to address observations of lack instead of turning to negative fear male overdrive. Responding to observations of lack by activating in negative male fear based energy we overburden and deplete our male energy and exhaust ourselves.

Positive Female Traits

Complete faith in Source

Complete faith in her male’s abilities to bring her, her requests.










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What we can do to activate in positive female energy