How can I figure out what soul level I am?

We are here to serve the greater good in each life, however our souls were created to prepare for a pinnacle life of grandest purpose of service that advances civilization in some great way. Each life is a stepping stone in skill and power-building and preparation for that ultimate life of grandest purpose of service. A few examples of people who are living (or have lived) their pinnacle life of grandest purpose of service are Oprah, Dr. OZ, Steve Jobs, Obama, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson, and they are high sixes. Other celebrities like George Clooney or Jamie Fox are mid level sixes learning how to handle fame in preparation for their pinnacle life of grandest purpose. After you have lived your pinnacle life of grandest purpose of service you are here to help the younger six souls who are approaching their greater pinnacle life of grandest service. Level six souls serve Source and their lives are utilized by Source to advance civilization in a way that is deeply needed. They make history and move our civilization forward in the direction of total world improvement.

There are a series of questions I usually ask about someone’s yearnings in determining what their soul level is. However, since I have learned more about the level six soul and the big picture of our soul’s whole progression, I like to first determine if you have had your pinnacle life of grandest service of not. Basically, we can divide souls into two groups, those that are preparing for their pinnacle life of grandest service and those whom have already lived it. When you have lived all of your level six lives you progress to a level seven soul, the resting level. Level seven souls are here to live a low key life and support the younger souls that are preparing to live their grandest purpose life of service. I can usually tell if someone is reaching for that pinnacle life of grandest service or if they are turning away from it.

One way to determine where you are in relation to your six life, is to ask if you have something to prove to yourself or not? If you are driven to prove something to yourself, you probably have not had your pinnacle life of high service yet. If however you feel resolved and feel a deep sense of having already served and lived your grandest purpose you are above a level six soul. That is why the higher level souls are less driven and less motivated to achieve. They have already paid their dues and get to watch and support others as they serve. The level seven soul now sets off on a new journey to seek the pinnacle experience in being alive, which is to master the balance of work and rest. When the soul perfects this balance the soul effortlessly radiates at the frequency of abundance. The first step in determine what your soul level is, is to see if you are on your way to your six life or if you are yearning to create a life of minimum input with maximum results.

I know I haven’t given all the information needed to determine ones soul level yet, but this should be a good start.

I will write something about the younger souls and the darker weight they have to live with day in and day out and why they need extra compassion.