This week I went to see the dermatologist to have a mole removed and she asked me what I did for work. I told her that I am developing workshops and writing books to help people rebalance their energies as we are a little out of balance these days. She agreed and so far, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t. In fact I told her that I notice that the right side, (male side) of most people’s face’s are sagging more or looking more tired than the left (female side) of their faces. She agreed with me again and told me that she had to do twice the cosmetic procedures on the right sides of people’s faces and that she had always wondered why that was. I told her that most of us are over burdening or over working our internal male energies and we are depleting our internal male energy and tiring it out. The state of our male energy shows or plays out in the right side of our bodies because that side is operated by the male energy function side of the brain. The other thing that is causing a lack of balance in our lives and in our world is that we are not utilizing our nurturing self-caring internal positive female energy enough. To rebalance all we need to do is use our female energies more and lean lighter on our male energy.

In fact the last time I ran into someone who asked me what I was up to threw money at me to make sure they would get a copy of one of the workbooks that are being printed. A lot of people I talk to are feeling dissatisfied with their lives even though they are earning a decent living. The problem appears to be that we are working too hard at jobs that drain the joy out of living. Many people seem to feel trapped in uninspiring and overburdening jobs they can’t afford to quit. They yearn to feel free again like they felt as a child. Feeling excited and inspired about our lives is our birth right and something I what to inspire people to re-claim for themselves.

A few of the young woman in my workshops are attending them because they tell me that although they were straight A students and very successful in school they are not happy with the level of success they are experiencing in the real world. Above all they are not enjoying the fact that they have to fight in a competitive male rat race type of way to achieve security and success. Men, too, seem to have lost touch or are not valuing their internal loving female enough. The internal loving female is the one who cares for and prevents us from exhausting ourselves from overworking. It is simply not good for us to work so hard and despite all the years and years of indoctrination that working hard is the way to abundance the truth is that the real way to abundance is by working inspired. The path I want to light up for people in my workshops is their true most excited and inspired universally supported path.

The reason our two feet were planted here on this planet is because we were supposed to help invigorate or increase abundance in some way. I believe each one of us yearns to make the world a better place and sadly many of us feel we can’t or that we are not powerful enough. The truth, however is, that you were created with a vision for how you would make the world a better place. The reason I know this is because I have always felt slightly unfulfilled about my life up until now. I am really enjoying my work because it feels like I am helping people. People leave the workshops more excited and inspired about their lives. That is really fun to watch and a good thing to be a part of. I have learned that that is how the universe likes to work through us. It makes it pleasurable for us to do the things that it needs us most to do. Like eating to survive or having sex to procreate or drinking to hydrate if it wasn’t pleasurable we wouldn’t do it. So, the universe makes it really fun for you to serve your purpose in hopes that that would make you want to do it.

The old wisdom the spirits would like us to re-awaken is the one of, “whistle while you work”. If you are stuck in a job that feels overburdening and tiresome lighten the load by finding something fun you can do while working. If anything, at least whistle. Lighten the load of the moment while you activate a call for more universal support. Make a call for guidance to know your true path, a path that will feel fun and inspiring for you to be on. Whistling is a female action and we lighten our workload by utilizing more female energies. Work is male and play is female, mixing the two is balanced.

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