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Both Female and Male Energies are needed in order for expansion to occur.

Expansion as defined by the Websters Dictionary : the act of becoming bigger or of making something bigger : the act of expanding:  Spirit Definition of expansion: the act of creating more or of creating something better: the act of expanding:

We all know it takes a man and woman to create a third separate human being. And of course we all know how nature also expands through a blending of these two genders through sexual reproduction. In fact in order for any expansion to occur in anyway a reproductive dance between female and male energies is almost always involved. When these two separate, self contained energies achieves perfect balance the energies blend and separation is illiminated. When separation is illiminated a frequency of abundance is achieved. When a frequency of abundance is achieved an abundance of everything floods in. We are also given two brain lobes, a female, left lobe and a male, right lobe to utilize these energies separately in our own lives. We were designed to achieve abundance through balancing these energies through partnering with the opposite sex and through balancing these energies internally between our two brain lobes.

When someone is born lesbian, gay or a hermaphrodite, that person is on a specific journey to learn more about blending the energies internally which I can explain another time. However, everyone, gay, lesbian, heterosexual, transgender, and hermaphroditic, are all given one female and one male brain lobe to work with in life. Wether we know it or not we are always reaching to achieve or maintain balance of these two energies. Currently most of us are operating too much in the negative male energies which drops the frequency of abundance in our life. That is why the spirits are calling for of us to consciously rebalance, re-invigorate and re-honor the female energy.

When we master or balance our internal female and male energies it feels like life takes off. Suddenly it seems like your life engages and clicks on a track where you are being pulled by some sort of invisible universal force. You no longer chase opportunities but instead find yourself busy responding to an abundance of opportunities. The exact kinds you had hoped for. Having what you want in life becomes effortless and it feels like you are finally getting to live your true destiny, the life you were born to live. Bit by bit your life becomes the life you secretly yearn for.

Since it is pretty much mandatory to utilize both female and male energies to create expansion in our lives it is important to have and maintain balance of these energies. I have designed a workbook that helps people consciously step from one energy to the other in a rhythmic balanced way. When we learn how to gracefully bounce from female energy to male energy with conscious intent we cut through a lot of life’s obstacles like a hot knife through butter. Life becomes the joy it is meant to be. We feel awake and excited about being alive like we did when we were children.

When we balance our energies we consciously work with the force that is behind our existence, and we feel universally supported. We live a life that naturally unfolds but a life that also moves our world towards universal expansion.

Signing out and remembering the secret to feeling fully satisfied is to find and live the life we are created to live.

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