Psychic Classes

How to develop a more conscious psychic connection with spirit or waking up your sixth sense.

Wow, I had no idea how much fun this would be. This week I tried it out for the first time, classes for aspiring psychics. People seem to really want to know how to do this stuff, so I decided to try and see if I could teach them. As this was my first attempt at teaching, I didn’t charge anyone for the class. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to explain how to connect with spirit well enough or if psychic skills are something someone can teach someone. Well, I’m glad to tell you, that it is and I can, whoohoo!!!

I actually believe we are all already innately able to intuitively connect with our own soul and those of others. I simply think many of us have lost use of our psychic muscle as we have repressed its’ existence because of growing up around skeptical adults. I give my students exercises to help reactivate and wake up their psychic abilities that have been put to sleep. Feeling energy and spirit is one of the many senses we are born with that is needed for our survival and guidance. It is a very important sense to develop because it is the sense that aligns and connect us with the Universe, Source, Spirit and the Greater Whole. Those are crucial forces to remain aligned with. All our other senses are given to us so that we may align and connect with the physical plain, earth.

Often, societies throughout history, seem to have been threatened by such powerful senses and so have attempted to repress psychic powers. When we are psychically conected it empowers us to walk our true destined individual divine path and so it often threatens the status quo. However when you walk your divinely destined path you don’t need anything from anyone as the universe will hand you what ever you need as you go. You become a Source supported being who’s presence here on earth serves to create more abundance.