Female/Male Energy Balancing Workbooks

These workbooks are designed to help balance our internal and external female, (yin) and male, (yang) energies. In order for abundance to be created both female and male energies are needed. However, currently there is a tendency to over work our internal male energies in an effort to create security and abundance. This is one of the main causes of the imbalances in our world, in our relationships and within ourselves today.

We were given two brain lobes from which to operate these two different energies. Each is as important as the other. However these days the importance of female power is being pushed aside to make way for more male power. When we overburden our male energies and underutilize our female energies the abundance in our lives drops. Abundance is designed to be built utilizing both female and male energies simultaneously.

These workbooks have a female and male side to switch back and forth to. This helps guide you to use both sides as evenly as possible. When we begin to work in the female half of the book we begin to wake up our sleeping internal female. She develops a vision and purpose for your life that is spirit guided. When we start to walk our spirit guided path we also find support comes to us from many different directions. When we are spirit guided we align with the force behind our existence and we become truly balanced. Our life flows effortlessly into a more abundant state.

When we have woken up our internal female and she has developed a vision for our life, the internal male now knows exactly what he must build for her. When the male trust and serves the female’s vision for his life he spends his time enthusiastically responding to an abundance of opportunities she has called to him. The male also protects the female enabling her to create safely. The female soothes, restores and reinvigorates the male and keeps him energized to retrieve  more abundance for her. The dance between these two energies is the dance that best creates effortless abundance.

These workbooks are designed to accompany Energy Balancing Workshops. However, I am happy to make personal phone appointments to help guide anyone who has questions. While I believe the workbooks are self explanatory and easy to use, I am currently working on a companion book that explains the best ways to get the most out of the books.

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