SOule level swirl

Nature naturally follows divine law.

We have free will, so it is our choice to follow divine law.

Soul Levels is dedicated to delivering channeled information that will aid and assist in the expansion of the universe. As we are all each one of us small segments of the universe, it is through our actions that a lot of this expansion will occur. When spirits present themselves to an open medium it is because they have pertinent information that we need to know so we can adjust our actions accordingly to the call of the universe. The more we choose to work and flow with the universe’s expansive changes, the fewer blockages or suffering we create for the entire planet and ourselves. This improves the living conditions on earth for all living beings.

As things are constantly changing through expansion so is the information needed to be communicated constantly changing. New channeled information is often met with resistances. It will always challenge the current mass consciousness. It is the current mass thinking that is causing the blockage that is alerting the sprits attention.

The more we release our locked down or rigid thinking and open up to new and current channeled information the less resistance to the expansion we will experience. We aid the universe’s expansion by releasing our own intentions, which are based on old rigid thoughts. Rigid thinking is literally death to expansion and is what causes the blockage and stagnation, our suffering. We flow with the universe when we open up to new information and apply it to our lives.


Nature has no difficulty in flowing with the expansion of the universe. That is why it is so abundant. We however were given free will and have to consciously choose to apply divine law to create abundance. We have to tune in and listen to the call of the universe so that we may be guided to follow divine law to an abundant life.

The more relaxed we are, the more we allow divine law to guide our lives and the less suffering we experience. Any old ideas or concepts of how things must or should be is best replaced with an inquisitive mind. When we have an inquisitive mind we are open and able to hear the current direction of things. We hear when we are willing to let go of our fear-based, out-of-date perceptions. We are all together here and only alive in this very moment and moments change second to second. Plants weave in and out of fences or around obstructions. We are able to change our minds and reshape our perceptions at any given moment. We are fluid beings in part of an ever changing, expanding universe who engages us whether we like it or not. It is not our free will what happens but it is our free will how we respond and what kind of energy we activate in. At any given moment we are faced with opportunities to either make an up choice or a down choice. The spirits stand by waiting to see which we choose. They are waiting to see if we are going to turn to them for guidance on how to respond to the new circumstances or go it alone and grind against the changes and experience grater suffering.

The more we adjust to new information the less painful or traumatic our experience here on earth will be. The universe always gives us opportunities to use our free will to choose to utilize the information or not but it needs our cooperation and partnership for the changes to happen with ease and grace. We are universally supported the most when we when we ally our lives with call of the universe’s.

There are two main concepts that, although not totally new, are being communicated in a way we can better understand today with our current mass thinking. The first concept is Soul Levels, and the second Female/Male Energy Balance. The third chapter introduces a system of journals that helps us activate both these concepts in our lives.