How to lead! lessons from a reluctant leader

The Reluctant Leader

About five years ago when I started channeling Sean, the spirit light worker, I was also volunteering at a horse rescue sanctuary in Sun Valley California. One of the fun games we would play with the horses, after we had taken care of all the hard and dirty work in the stalls, etc, was to see if we could get a horse to follow us in the arena without a rope or lead. It was the true test of leadership skills within an individual if they could manage to get a horse to willingly follow. As we, the volunteers, rested by the arena and watched the horses play, we often would take turns in the arena to see if one of us could do it that day. 

Now, I’ve always known that I was a reluctant leader and that I never really wanted to be the leader. That was one of the things that bothered me about my ex husband was that he wouldn’t lead, I always had to lead everything and it drove me crazy. Why, because we are both Sagittarius and Sagittarius are the last fire sign in the zodiac and so the least willing to stand forward in the front to lead. Aries are the big leaders in the world, Sagittarius are the reluctant leaders, the ones who if called upon to lead, do so with a little bit of resentment towards those that have left it to them. But that is the point of the sagittarius, they are the long slow warm after burn making sure all of the last little burnable embers are burned up. So, the reluctant leaders that Sagittarius are, they are the ones that have to lead in the areas the other leaders have left for us.

Having said all of that, sagittarius do like to think we can lead any time we choose. We hold the arrogant attitude that we could if we had to. So, I was surprised to learn that I was a complete failure at getting the horses to follow me across the arena every time I tried. I would often take a small break from the hard work and boldly announce to my fellow volunteers that I would give it another try! This time, I was going to be positive and bold. I was going to announce myself as a leader and march those horses to the other side of the arena. The other volunteers would stop what they were doing to watch with hope in their faces. The anticipation of success was vibrating from all of us. I’d get in the arena and start to march ahead of the horses to lead them forward and I would see the volunteers drop their faces and return back to their tasks. I’d turn around to look at the horses and I’d see that they were totally ignoring me.

I eventually gave up trying to get the horse to follow me. I conceded to the reality that I was a reluctant leader and I could not do it at all. Until, one day a friend of mine came to me, to ask me if I could channel anything on leadership skills. He was a director and wanted to know some wisdom around it. I was very keen to do this as I too wanted to know more on the subject. We meditated together and I invited in any available guides. After a moment, this very bright white light pierced through the left side of my psychic space and I saw the face of man with bright blue eyes. He was very high vibrational with a lot of light energy around him. I have only ever seen three spirits on the left side of my psychic space. The young girl and purified soul who taught me about soul evolution, this leadership spirit and Sean the spirit light worker. There is something special about the spirits I see on the left side. These are in the light spirits that hold higher wisdom and are the over lords or saints. They are here to help us.

This leadership spirit had a very clear message for us and it goes like this. He said, if you want to lead you have to know two things, one, you have to know exactly where you are headed. You have to be able to pin point it exactly. You have to have precise clarity of knowledge of exactly where that is. And two, you have to KNOW, you have to KNOW without a doubt, without out one tiny doubt that where that is, is one hundred percent better than where we are now. You have to believe it and know it, that where you are heading people is better than where they are now. 

So, the next day, I got to the horse rescue as soon as I could. I got the dirt work done as fast as I could. I had clarity, I thought I had figured it out, now. The horses were in the arena playing, the volunteers were gathered by the arena taking a breather. I march past them all, into the arena with a major agenda, focused. I stood by the horses and told them, “You see that branch over there, the one with a few leaves on it, that one right there,” as I pointed. I told them, “over there by the branch I promise, is one hundred percent better than where we are now. I have zero doubt, intact I KNOW IT”! I started walking forward and I noticed all of the volunteers starting to cheer and then I heard the breath of horses breathing in my ears. They were blowing wind in my hair. I couldn’t believe it, I kept going and I could feel our pace pick up as I felt more confident about where I was taking them. I felt the weight of my body get lighter. It almost felt like their momentum was taking the effort of walking away from me. It felt like I was levitating, it was incredible. I could’t believe the power I was feeling. It was not a dominating power over the horses it was a we are together energy, we are all one, we, collectively lightene our individual load. When we got to the branch, we stopped for a moment and I saw another tree and I said, “let’s go that way now”, and on we all went. I did it.

Sean the spirit light worker that I channel and talk about in my workshops and previous blogs tells me that in a social revolution there are no leaders. He tells me that when we all collectively align with our higher selves or our 5D selves we will all go the right way. Well, if that isn’t clarity of precision of a pinpoint destiny to head us I don’t know what is. True leaders don’t call themselves leaders. I think secretly he may be a leader. I’ll tell you why I think so, because he is exactly clear about where he seems to be heading us, he is precise about it, crystal clear and I know, I mean I KNOW that he knows without a wavering doubt that where he’s pointing us is one hundred percent better than were are now.