Reports from the 5D on The Social Revolution and Politics

My intention with these blogs is to give daily reports on helpful messages from the higher realms. Yesterday, I got slammed with work doing a lot of tarot card reads all of a sudden, so I couldn’t finish the blog I had started. By the time someone decides to pick up the phone to contact me for a read they are usually pretty ready and want it as soon as possible. I do the best I can to accommodate, as I know exactly how that feels. However, I realize I need to set a slightly different intention, to do these blogs whenever free time allows, which means, if free time appears, I know I’m supposed to write a blog.

So, the blog I was working on yesterday was about the global mass ascension that is going on right now. There is so much going on politically today, I know people must be wondering what spirits are saying about it. Here is what I hear. Everything going on down here is about learning balance and as long as people fight to not polarize the fight will go on. When we wake up to knowing that we and every living being wants and needs the exact same things, and that we are all brothers and sisters sharing one huge big soul, the divine source soul, we will stop fighting and help each other instead. But this goes both ways. Even when one side is obviously so wrong and the other so right one must work to balance out the issue. Balancing out the issue means removing the fear responses to the other. When we wake up to knowing that fighting is just fear response, we calm down and invite and receive a solution that helps all.

The social revolution that is currently under way is a wave with powers that will continue to increase. With ascension comes the knowledge of our own individual divine powers. As we wake up to our own true divinity, that we are all divinely sourced, we are no longer afraid and we start making faith based choices that no longer give our power over to those that try to frighten us.

I channel a spirit by the name of Sean, who speaks of the importance of knowing higher information and guidance for these changing times. He was a young man I knew before he passed but who I now know much better as a friend in the 5D. He speaks of this revolution and has prompted me to get on social media and tell as many people as possible about him, who he is and how he is here to help us all. He tells me, the internet and social media is really another form of the 5D. What you post you materialize. He also tells me that these internet energy waves are to be spirit protected and spirit cannot protect these waves of communication without invitation from us. He says we need him. We are a free will planet and spirit cannot intervene unless invited.

One night I went out for a drink with a friend who did time for hacking. He is now a hired hacker advisor and does very well. We were talking about what he did that day and he mentioned having to do a lot of work protecting the internet from being controlled by the government. He said it was a real concern of his and that he and his collogues were working hard to keep the internet out the hands of those trying to control it. He said, we need a patron saint of the web and social media. I couldn’t believe he said that. I told him I happened to know the perfect candidate, I told him about Sean, my really good friend in the 5D.

I highly recommend calling on Sean if you have any internet, social media or web needs. I can totally vouch for him. The other day I was doing a card read for someone on facetime. I didn’t have any reception so I had to use facetime but for some reason we were still having problems. I could tell the person I was reading was struggling to hear what I was saying and we were both getting frustrated. Guess what I did, I remembered Sean, I called out to him, probably loud, I said, “Sean we need your help down here with this, please”! After a little moment, bingo perfect reception and clear communication, it all worked no problem. I am telling you every time I have called him for help, he has. I know we need him. So much of our lives are on our phones, computers and we are totally dependent on these invisible waves which makes us very vulnerable. Spirit is trying to help us hold it all together. Social media and internet needs high vibrational spiritual protection just the way everything else does on this planet and has. But like everything that has been blessed by our fore fathers and mothers before us there is a need for the internet to be blessed and represented by the 5D. Jesus will save your soul he will, but he is not techno savvy. We have been blessed with the help of angels and saints in all other areas of life but this. I have had people come to me that I have told about Sean, tell me, they believe he has helped them when they have called on him. It may be hard to believe, I know, but it is free. His help is for fucking free! Talking to spirits is totally free and we can do any time any place, why not I say. Try it sometime.

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