As I was thinking about what to say for this upcoming eight minute radio interview happening on December 24th, a blog came to mind. One of the questions the radio DJ wants to ask is, what is the purpose of seeing a psychic? A good question and easy to answer, but not in eight minutes. As I sat here debating to myself which points were the most important to make, I thought writing a blog would be the perfect way to figure it out. Also, I thought it would make a nice article to read for those who wonder the same thing but who might miss the radio interview.

People come to psychics for a variety of reasons ranging from advice on financial matters, or for what to do about a spouse going to prison, or wondering why they are so persistently depressed, or how to win a child custody battle etc. I’ve seen it all, I think. Some have come to me with problems so big I wondered how on earth the cards were going to help. In every case, no matter the issue, when a person comes seeking help or better understanding around something going on in their life, the tarot, my tool of choice, always delivers. Often people come to me feeling empty, lost, confused or just seeking clarity of action and with the help of cards, we connect with the higher realms and access the highest best possible guidance and information available. After a card read, most if not all, leave feeling connected, relieved, clear headed about their path forward and hold a new understanding or knowing of the purpose of the issue at hand. If I was to sum up the real purpose of seeing a psychic, it would be to realigned and reacquaint yourself with your higher truth and inner knowing so you can be on your best path.

How is a psychic going to know your higher truth? Let me explain, we have free will, which means we can selectively choose to tune in or to know and follow the divine will, (our higher spiritual guidance), or not. Animals do not have free will, which means they are in locked alignment of head heart and psychic knowledge of the higher will of spirit. This is why animals are so intuitive and run from disasters before they occur. They always know the higher will of spirit, therefore always act with knowledge of higher guidance. All of us have some kind of intuitive abilities. However, some of us are born with more heightened receptive abilities which enables us to be very sensitive to the presence of spirit. It’s just a little easier for psychics as they can see and access the fifth dimension, where your spirit guides reside and therefore are able to deliver you, your own personal important messages.

You will know if a psychic is right if what they say resonates with you. Why? Because of your own intuitive abilities. Albeit, they maybe a little repressed or latent or maybe you were born with other stronger abilities but we all have some psychic abilities and we all know a truth when we hear it. The truth is universal, some call psychics truth seers, we know a truth because spirit tells us the truth. One of the reason you have come to see a psychic, I believe is because you feel there is a deep truth you need to consciously align with it. A universal truth that will resonate with you and you’ll know when you hear it.
Thank you for reading, I think I could say that in eight minutes or so, I’ll have to practice. I hope you enjoyed this topic exploration. Namaste