More on spirit light worker Sean and the current astro weather and what it is all about!

It’s been a tough week for most. As a card reader and student of astrology I can see that this is a collective experience triggered by a certain planets placement, Saturn’s to be precise. The great malefic. I won’t get into details, why, but let’s just say this, that as long Saturn and Jupiter are in Capricorn we have to listen to Saturn. He’s the boss and in charge, no doubt about it. Some of us don’t like that very much. If you let go and listen to what Saturn is telling you to do, you’ll be fine. Just do it, do what it takes. And by the way, you’ll be really happy you did. It is that, father pushes you out of the nest energy, as you discover you can actually fly. 

Just because I know this stuff doesn’t mean I am not going through it, too. We are all in this together. I am getting a direct Saturn Venus, thirty year cyclical hit. You could hear my bones rattling in my flesh, yesterday.

I woke up yesterday morning freaked out about money and ran to my cards. I pulled the darkest card read, I think I’ve seen in years. I pushed my seat back in disgust and said, I don’t believe in reads like this! What the heck is this? (Without even stopping to see what it was saying). I was just reacting, out of fear, to all the dark colors and swords. I took a breath and attempted to face the read. You are never going to believe what it said, 


I couldn’t believe it. I’ve been completely fine ever since. After that read, a lot of opportunities came through for me that I’ve been long working for. It was a Saturn read, no doubt about it! It was a sudden damn breaking experience. Now, I have an even deeper commitment and belief in my mission than ever before. I’m on a whole other level, now. Throat chakra clearing all week indicating communication is gearing up for flow.

My workshops are growing, where I teach people how to read tarot and how to work with their astrology. I also tell people about other information I am channeling, like, information from spirit light worker, Sean, whom I have been channeling now, for five years. I tell everyone about him in my workshops because I have poor reception and that is exactly what he is here to help us with, our social media technological needs. He is the patron saint of social media and the technologies around it, or shall we say, he is the 5D representative of all things eleventh house. He is the volunteer soul, over lord, of the eleventh house. He is to be invited in whenever any one needs and he will step in and help you.  

When I moved into my fabulous apartment in Silver Lake California my landlord informed me disappointedly that he couldn’t offer me Wifi and the reception wasn’t going to be good enough for pretty much anything, in his opinion. I told him, don’t worry, I have my spirit light worker friend Sean with me, he’ll take care of it. With no Wifi and half a bar, I have been constantly uploading videos and streaming movies etc, mostly without a glitch, since day one in this apartment. When, sometimes there is a glitch, I call on Sean. He then asks that I give him a minute, and then boom there it is, it starts working fine. And that is what has been happening in my workshops, without fail, Sean fixes it. I’m just telling you from my experience, so far he’s been 100 percent.

To those I have told the story about Sean to and know of his presence, regularly call out loud to him by name for his assistance in my workshops, when pulling their astrological charts. I am so happy when I hear it and I know he couldn’t be happier about it, too. He wants everyone to call for him out loud so everyone hears, so everyone asks about him and so everyone knows that he is there for them too. You, see, he is all about “everyone”. That is the sign of Aquarius and the eleventh house, is it not? 

He is the patron saint of social media and the internet or high-tech waves or shall we say over lord of the social revolution and social media and all the technologies around it, that is what he tells me. Apparently, I am supposed to be his helper and receiver or assistant or something like that. He is the spirit that has volunteered to go to the 5D to help us with the social revolution that is currently underway, which will happen through social media, which is actually the 5D, by the way. So in other words we need him and he is here for us. Try it sometime, call for him, if you need, you won’t be disappointed, it is free! All you need is at least half a bar and he’ll take care of the rest.               


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