Sean and the Social Revolution

Sean is a spirit I have been in communication with since he passed about four years ago. I never usually put myself out this much for a spirit that contacts me, but this is different, in fact everything about this is different. First I should say, I usually do the absolute minimum for a spirit. I usually just see if the loved ones are at all open and if not I apologize to the spirit, I tell them they don’t believe me and my grandfather, my spirit guide, politely gestures for them to leave my psychic space and they sadly comply.

Let me quickly tell you a little about my grandfather, he was a WW2 war hero awarded the navy cross. He sunk an enemy ship with one bomb dropping it in the smoke stack. He was a fearless bomber pilot, a warrior spirit. He is my spirit guide protector, I’ve seen him protect me several times and I couldn’t be more grateful for his presence. So, when my grandfather politely gestures for a spirit to leave my psychic space they always do, with respect, except for once. When I asked my grandfather to usher Sean out, he put his arms in the air to say, I have no jurisdiction over this one, he is supposed to be there. My grandfather acts as though Sean, this renegade young man in his late twenties, I knew a little when he was alive, is higher ranking than him, my naval officer hero grandfather. This was different, completely different, this, I could tell by the way my grandfather acted towards Sean, was or is important.

Ever since I first saw Sean he acted differently than all the other spirits I have seen through out my life. First of all Sean is on the left side of my psychic space and all the other spirits are usually only on the right side, where my grandfather is. I have only ever had three spirits on the left side. One was a young girl with her spirit guide who educated me on soul levels and was a purified level ten soul. The other a bright eyed spirit who I invited into my psychic space because a friend asked if I could channel anything about leadership, which I also wanted to learn something about. This bright eyed spirit gave us information that enabled me to lead a group of horses without ropes, through a field. And last but not at all least, this young man spirit Sean. This renegade type person who didn’t seem like that big of deal kind of person but sort of really was when you thought about it, stands the brightest the boldest and clearest of all the spirits I have ever seen in my entire life.

If you picture my psychic space or the 5D as a stage and you are sitting center, Sean is slightly center left but stands so close to the edge of the stage that he dominates and sort of blocks all the other activity behind him. Although, he is a fun in the light spirit and I have a couple of funs stories about him, he is mostly a no nonsense spirit on a mission. The strangest thing about it is, he acts with this confident certainty as though I am supposed to help him. As though, we have some sort of contract he is expecting me to follow through on. The craziest thing is, my grandfather also acts like Sean being there is part of some plan.

Sean has been a daily presence ever since his passing in early October 2015. He tells me he is the volunteer soul over lord of the eleventh house, which is the house of social media and the technologies around it, the social revolution, the age of Aquarius, which is the age of social reform. It is the star card in the tarot deck. It represents society becoming aligned in unity towards a collective higher good like the number 11. Sean was all about bringing everyone together when he was alive and now tells me of the importance of unity consciousness although, he doesn’t say it that way. He tells me that as one, or together the people hold the power to cause the needed changes. He speaks of peaceful and passive reform and that there is no need to be afraid. He says it is an illusion that the oppressors hold power over the collective. Sean is totally nonpolitical and talks of how we are being manipulated by the controllers to fight against each other so that we are weak, they are trying to divide and conquer us. We can as a collective unite in the truth in knowing that all people are one (we are connected through the one source soul) and need the same basic things. The eleventh house is obviously number 11 which means align your soul with source soul, or follow your higher calling. When all souls align with their higher source soul, we are all together in unity operating for the highest best good of all.

Sean has persistently come to me prompting me to take this information out to as many people as possible. I tell a 45 minute story on how our relationship has progressed to where it is now, with me, finally, conceding to his persistent promptings . Lol

I hope you enjoyed this blog and feel free to email for any questions and for tarot card reads. Namaste