Reports From the 5D

Sitting in the car a man walks by with a bag that says Psychic Wines on it. I had just ask spirit to show me a sign of what to do with a couple of hours I randomly found free for myself. I thought, maybe it’s really saying, “Psychic Writes”, as that is what sort of flashed through my mind. Was that a sign? I suddenly felt a bolt of inspiration flow through me. I wanted to write again. It’s been a while. I knew exactly what it wanted me to write, too, random psychic stuff, a daily blog about being psychic called, “Psychic Writes”. I grabbed my lap top out of the back of my car and rushed to the nearest coffee shop to give it a try. I had pulled the ace of wands earlier that morning, it means reignition, that is exactly how it felt

Believe me I have a lot to talk about. I have a lot of messages from a variety of sprits wanting to come through right now. The more I listen to their messages the more convinced I am of the importance to share it. I feel psychic mediums have a big responsibility. We have to report as accurately as we can what we hear or receive and tell it to people as clearly as we can. We are the receivers of the higher information from the higher realms for society. We are no more special than anyone else born with a special gift or ability, but like the other oddly gifted, we are here for a good reason. What reason you may wonder? To receive and pass on the higher important information that is most helpful for us all to hear right now during these current times. As things are always changing, we always need updated and new spiritual messages or guidance to help us through the current changes. “Fresh expression”, as it is sometimes called. Psychics are the news reporters for the 5th dimension. The universe needs psychics right now more than ever, but also the universe needs us all to awaken to our own psychic abilities, because that is what helps us the most through these radically changing times. 

For the last couple of centuries psychic abilities and psychics have been repressed and forced underground by the powers at hand. The establishment was threatened by the abilities psychics have to pass on information that empowers the individuals, or, the people. Demonizing tarot card reading and astrology was negative indoctrination from corrupt rulers wanting to diminish the importance of psychics. Calling them fakes or evil, frightened people away and discredit the truth that psychics revealed. Repressing our own psychic intuitive skills or repressing psychics in society, makes us more vulnerable as it is through divination that individuals are empowered and guided. Working with spirit energy to create abundance is how the Native American caused our country to be so bountiful and abundant. They worked with the Great Buffalo Spirit which we all know did very well for them. 

All for now, more tomorrow. I have to figure out how to post this as the wifi here is very complicated to set up. I need a millennial please.

I will continue to write these daily if possible. I shall pass on a current spiritual message of the day which spirit would most like me to share.