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I have been psychically sensitive my whole life and started working connecting people to passed loved ones and spirit guides in my twenties. In 2007, My psychic skills developed further when I picked up my first tarot deck and I have since been a busy and devoted tarot reader doing events, parties and individual sessions. I started studying astrology in 2015 and discovered I have a gift channeling astrology which I now incorporate into my sessions. In 2016, I started hosting online workshops where I teach tarot, astrology, how to be psychic and other energy balancing information, I have channeled. I love helping people align with their highest best destiny, highest best versions of themselves but above all I love to reignite and excite people about their lives. I consider it a big responsibility being a psychic advisor and I take great care to help people through their struggles with sensitive and patient compassion.


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Guided Mediations Spirit Guide Communication Yin and Yang Energy Balancing Karma Clearing Techneques

MARCH 2015-CURRENT Spiritual Workshops | Self Employed | Los Angeles , CA

Since 2015 regularly hosting online Zoom spiritual workshops teaching tarot and astrology divination. Also ran workshops teaching energy balancing and deep energy healing mediation techniques. The size of the groups were on average 12 to15 people and at least twice a month, sometimes more.

JULY 2007-CURRENT Psychic Tarot Reader | Self | South Pasadena , CA Ever since I first picked up my first set of Tarot Cards I have been approach by many to read for them. I have a natural gift in tarot reading and I have a long history of confirmations that my reads are correct and so have attracted many return clients. I developed a grid that I find extremely reliable and accurate. This grid is so reliable that I have developed a lot of confidence in my reading skills. I have a yelp page which has lots of positive reviews which I can show you.

MARCH 2017-JUNE 2021 Tarot Reader | SPUSD | South Pasadena, CA Hired for three large fund raising events as a tarot psychic reader. At the main event reading around thirty five to forty people. From 5pm-12:30am FEBRUARY 2020-MARCH 2021 Workshop Tarot | House Of Intuition | Los Angeles, CA Hired to teach workshops in tarot divination at their store in Highland Park California but due to Covid lock downs the workshops were canceled.

NOVEMBER 2019-MARCH 2020 Psychic Advisor | Ask Now | Los Angeles, SC Online psychic councilor, Tarot reader. I was extremely busy answering many calls advising people through some of the most intense life experiences I have seen. I attracted many repeat customers. I have a very reliable grid which always deliver the right information that can turn these situations around. I could see fast improvement in the lives of those I helped.

FEBRUARY 2012-APRIL 2013 Tarot Reader | Katherine Compton Events Planning | Los Angeles, CA Tarot reader for a large parties and events. I was able to give transformative messages through the chaos and noise at many parties and even